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Winery: Tenuta di Castellaro
Name: Bianco Pomice
Year: 2009
Region: Sicilia
Color: White
Type: Dry
Grapes: Carricante, Malvasia
Price: $35.00

The archipelago of the Aeolian Islands owes its name to Aeolus, the mighty god of the winds. Seven islands are scattered along the north eastern coast of Sicily. It is said that there are actually eight of them and that the eighth island is Mt. Etna! Eight sisters having in common: volcanic activity, volcanic sands - daughters of the same fire. The vines here seem to float above the azure sea, to be immersed in it, to draw from it their personality which they pass on to their wines. In these vineyards, tempered by the wind, warmed by the hot sun and forged by man, grow varieties whose names recall far away places, other shores: Corinto and Malvasia amongst them. Lipari is characterized by a high presence of pumice and obsidian. For centuries they have been the base of the Island's fame and economy, and now of the wines of Tenuta di Castellaro. Salvo Foti, skilled in cultivating volcanic soil as well as the uncompromised choice of vineyards planted with an ancient method - the alberello (bush or gobelet) - produces a strong and firm personality for Tenuta di Castellaro's wine.
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